A 3-Month Powerhouse Program For Men

Embody Your Full Potential & Vitality in Life & Relationship


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Step Forward into a New Frontier of Empowered Manhood!

  • Are you feeling tired and lacking vitality, worn down by the daily grind?

  • Are you holding back or not taking action on what you know you need to do?

  • Is your relationship frustrating and draining you rather than feeding your passion and drive? 

  • Are self-doubt and anxiety blocking your confidence and success?


I have done a lot of work with many teachers and working with Shems was truly exceptional. 

 – David Bruce Leanard, LAc

 “Shems is a powerful guide. During our sessions, I have been able to access parts of myself I have long hidden and experience profound insight, healing, and transformation”

– Gregory Braveheart Hyman


In this 3-Month Journey You’ll:

  •    Break free of stress and overthinking

  •    Transform anger into increased energy & sexual vitality

  •    Fully Know and embody your unique masculinity

  •    Learn how to create a passionate & thriving relationship


Every man faces challenges in his life, and the more empowered and skillful we become at navigating them, the more enjoyable, meaningful, and impactful our life becomes.


Over the last decade, I’ve coached men individually and worked with couples as a relationship guide. The Passage is built on my personal development and the work I’ve guided countless men through. 


Men who work with me learn how to face difficult situations with confidence, feel more sexually empowered, and embody an authentic strength that permeates into every aspect of their lives.






I have designed The Passage to be an experiential journey that will carve a new path in the wilderness of your being. 


This is an interactive, live, and personal experienceIt is comprised of the most successful tools from one-on-one coaching, and it pulls from my seasoned experience as a facilitator of men’s groups.


My objective is to support you as you learn to embody the most effective empowerment and transformational tools available, so that you can plug into your core power and generate more of what you deeply desire in your life.

The Passage is a Journey through 8 Core Modules

Designed to Empower You from the Inside Out








  •    FUTURE

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We begin working together by making a commitment to staying on the path. A commitment to yourself and what you want is an essential step of the journey. You must take this work seriously; you are investing in yourself and committing to stretching beyond your comfort zone. This is how you’ll break through the habits and behaviors that have kept your sexual life, relationships, finances, and career limited.

  • Reconnect to your Inner Force by committing to a daily practice
  • Build a new foundation of confidence to grow and discover the deep power within you
  • Learn how to step up and take full responsibility for your experience


Your thoughts and beliefs have a major impact on what you experience. This step is all about gaining clear insight and developing laser focus about your goals for personal, professional, relational growth. Your intention is the fuel that propels you forward — it’s your inner fire and your inspiration to stay disciplined in the practices that will change your life.

  • Discover what’s in the way of owning your gifts
  • Clarify the difference between mindsight and mindset
  • Use visualization to believe in what’s possible, because it will happen
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The healthy masculine is emotionally mature, penetrating, compassionate, and purpose-driven. This module is about strengthening your masculine force and connection to your core. This will increase your capacity to show up with a grounded heart that’s wide open. You will learn how to embody powerful masculine archetypes that create more confidence and meaningful connection in all your relations.

  • Engage more fully with the world around you
  • Harness the power of anger, knowing it as a catalyzing force
  • Embody the Modern Warrior


There is a need for us to reawaken our connection to everything and everyone. The more skillfully you relate with others, the richer you will become and the more profound your impact will be; this is especially true in your primary intimate relationship. I want to hand over to you the most valuable tools I know —  the ones that truly transform lives.

  • Learn how to create a thriving relationship
  • Dissolve conflict and keep your fire hot
  • Break the co-dependency cycle
  • Understand the value of repairing rather than replacing
Common waterbuck bull (Kobus ellipsiprymnus), Kruger National Park, South Africa.


This module is about increasing the bandwidth of your being on many levels. To break out of familiar habits and addictions you need to be doing something a lot more stimulating and enjoyable. We are going to turn on your nervous system in a fun and exhilarating way that generates the hormones and enlivened cells that you need to fire on all cylinders.

  • You are a highly functioning being – learn to use everything you’ve got!
  • Learn to relax at a deeper level and feel your strength
  • Optimize your brain/body connection


The busyness of life will deplete and wear you out if you don’t learn how to function efficiently. Flow is an optimal state of consciousness, and you don’t need to be a super athlete to access it. You can access your higher faculties and find Flow in your work, your relationship, and through vitality enhancing practices. I’m going to teach you effective access points to a highly functional state of being.

  • Enhance all of your senses
  • Rewild your spirit
  • Use creativity and play to free your mind
  • Tap the energy of authenticity and risk
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More than any superfood supplement, working with your sexual energy will enhance your life. Unevolved men use sex as a way to release their tension and frustrations rather than a way to deepen connection and feed a sacred fire. This leaves you and your partner feeling unsatisfied and unfulfilled, longing for greater depth.

  • Learn how to harness your sexual energy for more pleasure, vitality, and sexual sustainability
  • Increase your capacity to love by mastering your sexual force
  • Become more magnetic and desirable to women
  • Awaken your genitals at a whole new level to sustain maximum pleasure


You have the reigns to utilize and direct the wild horses within you. An empowered life requires commitment and recommitment, especially when familiar patterns re-emerge and draw you back to the mundane. Choose to continually apply what you learn in this program and you will live with real purpose, making your highest ambitions reality.

  • Learn to integrate the tools into daily life
  • Take the lead on matters you care deeply about
  • Find allies and a community that supports your growth
  • Make a commitment to be accountable


Shems Heartwell is a highly experienced couples coach and men’s empowerment guide. His work goes to the core of what is needed for embodied transformation by integrating the physical, mental, sexual, emotional, and spiritual.
He has been honing and sharing his craft for over 20 years and has mentored with some of the most influential teachers in the fields of conscious relationship, coaching, healing, and transformation. He blends his experience and knowledge into highly effective work that is the leading edge of the human potential movement.


  • Completed Mystical Principals of Healing 1-3 with Thomas Hubl
  • 20 years of Qi Gong study with various teachers, including Grand Master Zhou
  • Licensed Acupuncturist and Medical Qi Gong Instructor LAc. (Five Branches)
  • Trained in the Wim Hof Method, with the Iceman Wim Hof
  • MKP New Warrior Training Initiate 2007
  • Studied Radical wholeness with Philip Shepherd author of New Self New World


  • Twelve 90-min live video sessions
  • Additional weekly video practices, guided audio meditations, and specific exercises
  • One 75-min one-on-one Skype coaching session, during the passage, with Shems (valued at $200)
  • Four 30-min Q&A sessions throughout the program
  • Optional bi-weekly men’s circle calls with a specific focus of support, accountability, and reflection throughout the program
  • Admission to a private Facebook group, to keep the connection and group energy alive after the Passage is complete
  • Three bonus sessions with special guests

This journey Is limited to 20 men 

And begins on October 22nd, 2017



When I step into a new adventure or learning experience, I ask myself a few key questions:

Do I want this?

Will this have a positive and empowering impact on my life?

What’s stops me from choosing what I most want?

I encourage you to make the time, manifest the funds, and commit to your greatness. This investment will pay off in profound ways!

Financial Commitment: $1297*

If you register before September 1st, it’s only $997!




By applying and scheduling an intro session with Shems today!

The Passage is for men who are ready to…

The Passage is also for men who...

  • Actively cultivate their vitality and relational skills
  • Commit to personal growth and transformation
  • Befriend their shadow, fierceness, and light
  • Overcome their addictions and self-sabotaging habits and patterns
  • Develop deeper intimacy and stronger relationships
  • Struggle with receiving guidance and feedback
  • Don’t yet know how to be accountable and trustworthy but would like to be
  • Experience resistance and avoidance patterns
  • Have been distracting themselves with alcohol, drugs, porn, or social media, instead of taking the reigns in their life



“Working with Shems has strengthened my intimate relationship as well as my personal direction and fulfillment. His perceptive and engaging style cut straight to the heart of the areas that I needed to look at and work on. 

– Tighe Melville, Owner, LionFish SupperClub

If you don’t act today, when is your life going to get better?

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