~ If I am looking for validation in another, then I am still living in the arms of my parents ~


Life is constantly providing waves to ride and you can choose to ride them to greater freedom or be taken under and thrown around by their power. Claiming full authority is about seeing the situations in your life as FOR you rather than being a victim and complaining about what is happening to you. It is a conscious choice to become more fully aware and responsible for your life and experience.

Of course, there are tragedies and horrific things that happen in the world. The truth is that only wounded people hurt others. In the darkest situations, there is always a deep need for the light of love and acceptance even in the face of what may be called evil. Many of the best novels or movies are about this battle between the light and the dark and isn’t it always the case that there is a power that overcomes the darkness?

This power can be called many things. I like to call it the Love Force or God and it is empowered by our authority to believe in and resonate with it. Authority is about realizing and actualizing our inherent power and connection to the source of us all. This is what ceremonies from many of the cultures of the world are about. Collectively harnessing and surrendering to an energy or power that is greater than our individual self.

Most importantly, our power comes from where we choose to put our attention and how we utilize our attitude to influence our experiences. When we tap into our higher power, we align with the creative force of love and life. This empowers us to consciously choose to no longer put authority outside of ourselves. Instead, we can align with and activate the deep inner knowing that comes through us when we are connected to this force.

Becoming a vehicle of what may be called divine energy (Love Force) is as simple as choosing to. Letting go and opening our hearts and thoughts to receive is what many of the world’s leading religions speak of. I like to practice Empty Presence as the vehicle to align myself with the natural energy and light of spirit. This is a way to become empty of thoughts and stories while being full of the presence of love and light.

Try it:

Simply stand still, outside if you can, and feel your connection with the ground. Breathe deeply and fully into your belly and then up into your chest. Become aware of all the sensations of your physical body. Feel any tension, discomfort, numbness and pleasure. Continue breathing with intention and strength while feeling all of your inner body sensations. Allow each exhale to empty you of anything that is in the way of your complete presence in this moment. In this way, you are building your inner awareness and balancing out the body-mind connection. When you practice this often, your mind becomes more clear and your nervous system activates. As your nervous system becomes more enlivened with your attention you feel more connected with yourself, God and everything. Empty presence is a way of returning to being from the busy state of doing. With a busy mind we lose connection and awareness of the presence of God in everything. Becoming empty allows us to fill up on what really matters.


Declarations For Claiming Authority :

Now, after some time of becoming empty and present, explore speaking each of the lines below and feel how they resonate with you. These declarations can powerfully help you to transform your life. By believing and intending them you reclaim your full authority and connection to the source of your power. Make a commitment to embody and live by these declarations as a guide to becoming your own authority and mastering your authentic wisdom.

  1. I participate in creating my experience and reality.
  2. No one is to blame for my circumstances.
  3. I feel empowered to craft the life I choose.
  4. I give myself permission to succeed.
  5. I experience responsibility as freedom, not as a burden.
  6. I am not looking to rescue anyone or to be rescued.
  7. I do not feel entitled to anything based on the past.
  8. I recognize and let go of any need to control or manipulate.
  9. I have nothing to prove.
  10. I consciously author my sacred life, a story of triumph.


Notice how you feel after stating these declarations. Do you feel more energized and alive or do you feel some resistance or heaviness? The aliveness will come as you practice this and energetically transform some of the beliefs that may be holding you back that no longer serve your highest good.

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