Invest In Your Relationship By Sharing The Day Together Learning And Practicing The Key Skills That Create Thriving Relationships.

This will be an experiential workshop for couples who would like to explore:

-Deepening connection and intimacy
-Expanding your capacity to give & receive love
-Develop skills to dissolve defense patterns and unconscious reactions
-Learn powerful intimacy and connection practices to engage with your beloved
-Use relationship as a catalyst for healing and transformation

If any of these sound familiar, this workshop will be highly beneficial fro your relationship:

-When conflict arises do you get upset or shut down?
-Do you get caught feeling overwhelmed and unable to communicate with your partner?
-Do you feel misunderstood, disrespected or taken advantage of by your partner?
-Are you feeling disconnected and tired of things NOT working?

Would you like to experience more:
-Ease and Balance; The ability to stay calm and centered during life’s challenges.
-Understanding and Respect; The tools to create win-win results and a successful partnership.
-Connection and Harmony; To be available to experience deep intimacy and authentic connection.

Contact Shems to register:

Cost is $250
Early registration is
$200 before June 1st.

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About Shems:

Through many years of studying relationships, in my own experience and with some of the leading edge teachers in the world, I have become increasingly aware of the essential shift that transforms relationships. Many people are more comfortable hanging out in drama and stewing in problems than in actually generating and expanding into deeper love. When we take responsibility for our own experience, by choosing love and connection over drama and disconnection, we free up a ton of energy. Focusing on our Creativity and Purpose fills our love tanks and allows us to utilizes that energy in the most satisfying and sustainable ways.

In Depth Training with Robert & Diane Masters at the Masters Center for Transformation
Graduate of the Hendricks 2-year Leadership & Transformation Program(Hendricks Institute: Foundation for Conscious Living)
Certified Relationship Coach and Big Leap Coach (Hendricks Institute: Foundation for Conscious Living)
One year Advanced training at the Relational Constellation Institute of California
Studied Radical wholeness with Philip Shepherd author of New Self New World
Inner work and study with a variety of Teachers, Mentors and Spiritual Guides
Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, LAc. (Five Branches University)


“Working with Shems changed my life. He helped me process emotions that were deep, dark, and young. Stuff I would never have wanted to address on my own, nor would I have known how to. He led me through a process called Family Constellations that left me feeling lighter, more calm, and MUCH more at peace with myself and my emotions. This has helped my relationship with my Husband, my daughter, my mother, and myself. I could not recommend him enough. He is truly a gift.”

~ Shereen Thor

“Shems is one of the few I consider a master in his field. It’s the combination of his learned knowledge, his keen intuition and his steady presence that has supported me in creating significant shifts in my body and mind. I especially appreciate his ability to tune in to the more subtle levels within that only a modern day shaman can be with.”

~ Diana Chapman

“Our work with Shems has been so valuable and transformative. I found it really empowering to feel full responsibility for my experience- and responsibility in particular for being in my radiant feminine and feeding that energetic polarity. And it was so helpful to realize how much my energy and attention go out to my partner, how often I abandon myself. Shems has taught me many ways to stay with myself, receive the incredible wisdom of my body, and allow myself to have my experience. He can cut through cross talk to the heart of the matter, help us to create space and movement where there is contraction and freeze, curiosity where there is defensiveness, and understanding where there is distrust. His skill in counseling comes not only from decades of extensive training and practice, but from walking his own journey in the sincerest and humblest of ways, with an absolute commitment to truth and growth, and an ocean of kindness.”

~ Chloe Conger

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