Empowered Loving Couples Retreat

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Sierra Hot Springs, Northern California

May 18 – 21, 2017



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Aloha Lovers,


We warmly invite you to an exquisite retreat experience of igniting your conscious, sacred and erotic union. Nourish your relationship with intimacy practices in a gorgeous wilderness setting and explore the essential skills to expand your capacity to love and deepen in your connection.
We look forward to sharing a deeply transformational journey with you!


With Love,

Shems & Achintya

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  • Conscious Relational Skills
  • Connection Rituals & Intimacy Practices
  • Qi Gong, Breathwork & Kundalini Yoga for Sexual Vitality

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  • Luscious Organic Meals
  • Star Gazing, Pool & Hot Spring Soaking
  • Nature Exploration, Relaxation & Meditation

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  • Men’s Work Afternoon Journey
  • Women’s Water Temple Soak & Council
  • Gender Alchemy Reconciliation & Empowerment

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** All sexual practices will be offered as homework for couples to explore privately **

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Our schedule is subject to change based on group flow and desires.
Our intention is to maximize high quality connection time while allowing plenty of space for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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Thursday May 18th


  • Arrive after 12pm on Thursday for soak / tent set up
  • Lunch is available to purchase at the Cafe
  • 3-5pm Room Check-in
  • 6pm Dinner
  • 7:30-9:00pm Opening Circle

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Friday 19th & Saturday 20th


  • 7-8am Optional Kundalini Yoga / Qi Gong / Breathwork or Morning Soak
  • 8-9am BREAKFAST
  • 9:30am-12:30pm Empowered Loving Session
  • 1-2pm LUNCH
  • 2-3:45pm Soaking / Intimacy / Nature Time
  • 4-5:45pm Empowered Loving Session
  • 6-7pm DINNER
  • 8- 9:30pm Guided Intimacy Practices or Couples Focused Connection

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Sunday May 21st


  • 7-8am Yoga / Qi Gong / Practice
  • 8-9am BREAKFAST
  • 9:30am-11am Retreat Closing Circle
  • 11-12pm Check out
  • 12-2pm Lunch
  • Soak / Departure or Book another night

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About the Resort

For centuries, Native Americans have regarded this land as a sacred healing space. Guests come to unwind, connect, and enjoy the enchanted location. The water is as smooth as silk, and almost instantly brings you into total relaxation.

The Pools

The Temple Dome Area is the main pool area and consists of:

  • The Hot Pool (105-110°) which is enclosed in a large geodesic dome, featuring stained glass and skylights. Complemented by two cold plunges this pool is also sand bottomed, with mosaic tile sides.
  • The Warm Pool (98-100°) is located outside the dome, complemented by a large sundeck.
  • The Meditation Pool (98-100°) is outdoors, surrounded by rock tile. In this faux natural pool, you step down rock steps into a sand bottomed delight.
  • This Seasonal Hot Pool is ideal for enjoying the star studded skies.
  • The Phoenix Baths (85-90°) are seasonal pools inside private rooms, and the warm spring water is drained and refilled between users. The Phoenix Baths also house our newly remodeled spa area.

**Please note that the pools are clothing optional, and the dressing facilities are co-ed. No photography is allowed in these areas. Further details can be found on the Sierra Hot Springs site.**

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Getting to Sierra Hot Springs

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Learn more about Sierra Hot Springs

[/vc_column_text][vc_btn title=”Website” style=”classic” color=”primary” align=”center” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fsierrahotsprings.org||target:%20_blank|”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_empty_space][vc_separator][vc_column_text]




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Lodging (Room or Camping)

All Meals (Thursday Dinner to Sunday Lunch)

Empowered Loving Program

Hot Springs Soaking

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Transportation to and from Sierra Hot Springs

Extra Lodging before or after Retreat

Massage Treatments (available at additional cost)

Extra Snacks (can be purchased at lodge)

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Choose Your Preferred Accommodation

Retreat Cost Is Per Couple

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Rooms In the Lodge or Globe Hotel

2 Rooms are available in the Sierra Hot Springs Lodge.

2 Rooms are available at their Globe Hotel (3 min. away by car in Sierraville).

The main pools are a 5 min. walk from the Lodge or 3 min. drive from Globe Hotel.

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1 Payment $1900

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3 Monthly Payments of $700

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Tent / RV Camping

There are plenty of gorgeous Camping spots to choose from.

Set up your tent / park your vehicle under the starts & ponderosa pines.

Camping spots are a short walk to the lodge with beautiful springs nearby.

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1 Payment $1600

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3 Monthly Payments of $600

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Cancellation Policy: If you cancel before April 10th, you will receive your entire fees back minus $500. If you cancel after April 10th, there are no refunds.

Disclaimer: We reserve the right to refuse course participation and offer a full tuition refund.


About Achintya & Shems

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Achintya Devi is the Founder of Goddess Rising Mystery School dedicated to activating and empowering the Wild Sacred Feminine within women worldwide with an Online Global Moon Sister’s Temple, Moon Priestess Trainings, Red Tent Facilitation Certification, Women’s Leadership Program and international Events & Workshops.

As a Women’s Wisdom & Leadership Guide, Ordained Priestess, Wholistic Health Practitioner, Acupressure Therapist and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, she is especially passionate about women reclaiming and embodying the rhythm of their Womb & Moon Wisdom and rising together in sisterhood to reawaken their Feminine Power for lasting transformation and empowerment and to serve as Sacred Feminine Leaders in this era of great Planetary Awakening.

Achintya is from British Colombia, teaches and travels internationally and is based on the island of Maui with her Beloved, Shems Heartwell.


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Shems is a widely sought after couples coach and mens empowerment guide. His work goes to the core of what is needed for embodied transformation by integrating the physical, mental, sexual, emotional, and spiritual.

He has been in practice for 18 years and has mentored with some of the most influential teachers in the fields of conscious relationship, coaching, healing and transformation. He blends his experience and knowledge into highly effective work that is the leading edge of the human potential movement.



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