Experience True Connection

Learn How to Empower your Relationship

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An 8 Week Course that will revitalize and expand the way you give and receive love!

Are you ready to TRULY THRIVE in your relationship? 

If so, this may be the best investment you ever make!

In this 8 week course you will dive deep together

and learn the most effective relationship tools on the planet

right from the ease of your own home!



“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source.”    



Do you know— deep inside — that you desire and deserve a

passionate, playful & deeply loving relationship?


Yet, for some reason, get stuck repeating

the same struggles or challenges with your partner?

Are you wondering, WhyWhat does it take?




What if I told you that all it takes are a few simple shifts to

make your relationship more easeful, passionate, and playful?



Simple, yet profound shifts that build stronger bridges of connection

and trust with your partner…

Shifts that rewire unconscious habits and make it possible for you to more easily learn and evolve together.

That grow the kind of loving you’ve always desired.


A truly thriving relationship is built on a foundation of wholeness and connection

that does not crack from stress or increasing challenges. 



 When you build a more solid foundation together,

you tap into a deeper well of love, support, and connection.


You aquire the recourses needed to stretch and grow through life’s inevitable challenges

as Allies.


As you practice together, 

drama and power struggles begin to fall away and your relationship becomes more

Easeful, Expanded, and Fulfilling.




Is it time for you to release old love paradigms and create a mutually empowered relationship?

Are you ready to step forward togeather with a community of supportive, like-hearted couples?

~ Join us for ~


This 8-week Live online course for couples

Will help you create a radically new experience of love and relationship that is sourced from wholeness, connection and profound Intimacy.




This 8-week guided journey begins February 4th, 2018.


Every Sunday (February 4th – April 1st, 2018) we will have a 1.5hour Experiential Video Call at 5pm Pacific time.

We will also have guest presentations and group Check In calls on 4 Thursday nights during the course at 6pm pacific.


Each session is guided and experiential, filled with learning tools, communication skills and meditations that will dramatically improve your relationship. 

*** If you’re not available for any of the the sessions, you’ll be able to watch or listen to the recording afterwards.




~ Eight 1.5 hour live teaching session that can be reviewed and used for future reference

~ 8 weeks of guided exercises and daily practices to enrich your relationship

~ A supportive online community of like-hearted couples who are on a similar path as you and with whom you can connect and witness each others’ transformation

~ Activities that generate play, fun and creativity while diving deep into personal exploration ~ An inspiring new way of learning that offers motivation, support, connection, and accountability

~ Clear processes and structure for easy and enjoyable learning together

~ The option to have private sessions with Shems to deepen or work through challenging issues.

***Plus additional Thursday evening Bonus Sessions with amazing guest teachers and time for questions and group check in’s about how things are going for you.   














“Shems is one of the few I consider a master in his field….It’s the combination of his learned knowledge, his keen intuition and his steady presence that has supported me in creating significant shifts in my body and mind. I especially appreciate his ability to tune in to the more subtle levels within that only a modern day shaman can be with.”

~ Diana Chapman,  www.dianachapman.com

“Shems is an exceptional teacher with a laser intuition and penetrating presence”

~ Gregory Hymann, Contractor Santa Barbara

I have done a lot of work with many teachers and working with Shems is truly exceptional. 

– David Bruce Leanard, Acupuncturist and Author

“Working with Shems has strengthened my intimate relationship as well as my personal direction and fulfillment. His perceptive and engaging style cut straight to the heart of the areas that I needed to look at and work on.“

– Tighe Melville, Owner, LionFish SupperClub




WEEK 1 – Foundation

During this session we cover:

  • How to create conscious commitments that empower your relationship
  • How to use inquiry, authenticity and whole body listening
  • Strategies and practical action steps to get you aligned and on the same team
  • Relational practices that calm your nervous systems and develops resilience

WEEK 2 – Communication

 During this session we cover:

  • Communication skills that create safety, connection, and attunement
  • Effective ways to dissolve conflict, even when you’re triggered
  • How to ensure that your partner actually understands you
  • How to embrace and utilize conflict to bring you closer
  • Strategies and practical action steps to improve your communication

WEEK 3 – Depth

During this session we cover:

  • The art of healthy anger, boundaries and relational empowerment
  • Relational shadow work and how to effectively heal the past
  • Panther presence
  • How to move on from the past and create an ever evolving and dynamic relationship

WEEK 4 – Intimacy

During this sessions we cover:

  • Sourcing safety is at the heart of a great sex life – and how to foster it
  • Masterful fear melting skills
  • How to get out of patterns of scarcity or conflict around sex
  • Fun and playful ways to get in touch with and fire up your desire
  • How to ride the wave of sensual and sexual energy – without being caught up in agendas or expectations about sex


WEEK 5 – Overcoming Triggers

During this session we cover:

  • How to welcome and the things that trigger you as opportunities for healing and transformation.
  • Strategies for shifting out of conflict and coming back into balance with your partner
  • Effective ways to support your partner (or to ask for support) when triggers come up
  • Movment and brearhwork practices that bring your body, emotions, and mind into balance and set the stage for healing
  • How to know when to get outside help

WEEK 6 – Higher Sex

During this class we cover:

  • Specific ways to make love that will completely change how you experience your beloved and yourself as sexual beings
  • How to feed passion and source security in sex and relationship
  • How to keep problems like Erectile Dysfunction, Vaginal Pain, and Premature Ejaculation from interfering with your sex life
  • How to revitalize your body’s chemistry to keep love and passion alive over the long term

WEEK 7 – Intimacy Magnified

During this session we cover:

  • Relating from your core knowing and intuition
  • Revitalizing your sexual fire and magnetism
  • Flowing and exchanging energy and essence
  • Polarity and sexual power
  • Recalibrating your intimacy as you age and evolve

WEEK 8 – Sustainability

 During this class we cover:

  • How to continually evolve and create shifts towards new possibilities in your relationship
  • Advanced ways to use movement and inquiry to break old patterns
  • The key ingredients to consciously vision and create your relationship
  • How to support each other in achieving your potential as individuals, and as a couple, in the world





~ You are in a loving relationship and want to grow together, but you get stuck in conflict, frustration or disappointment.


~ You know you have something really amazing together and are looking to unlock more of your full potential.


~ You are both open to learning, willing to grow, and ready to learn some new approaches to empowered loving.





* 8 Weekly LIVE group coaching video calls

* Online community

* 4 Bonus Lessons + Q&A Calls

* Guided exercises, videos and learning materials



ONLY $447 Per Couple



Get everything in the Core Package


* 3 private couples coaching sessions with Shems for personalized support



ONLY $847 Per Couple






  • Q: When are the live coaching calls scheduled?

  • A: Sundays at 5pm Pacific  February 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, March 4th, 11th, 18th, & 25th). Thursdays at 6pm Pacific (Februry 8th, 22nd, March 8th & 22nd).


    Q: I have a busy schedule… what if I am not able to keep up with the daily activities?


    A: You will receive recordings of each of the group sessions as well as written and video practices to explore at your own time and pace. 


    Q: How long do I have access to the course content?


    A: For 1 full year.


    Q:What if I need to miss one of the live coaching calls?

  • A: Recordings will be available to watch on the member site within 12 hours of the session.



“Working with Shems changed my life. I am feeling lighter, more calm, and MUCH more at peace with myself and my emotions. This has helped my relationship with my Husband, my daughter, my mother, and myself. I could not recommend him enough. He is truly a gift.”

~ Shereen Thor  www.awakentherebel.com

“I HIGHLY recommend this course to any couples who are ready to take their relationship to the next level of depth, connection, and love. Shems IS the real deal!”

~ Tobin Zivon






Shems is a highly experienced couples coach and men’s empowerment guide. His work goes to the core of what is needed for embodied healing, transformation, and empowerment.  

Shems has been honing and sharing his craft for over 18 years and has mentored with some of the most influential teachers in the fields of conscious relationship, coaching, healing, and transformation. He blends his experience and knowledge into highly effective work that is the leading edge of the human potential movement. Shems is also a passionate surfer and performing musician living with his beloved Achintya on the beautiful island of Maui.  





  • Completed Mystical Principals of Healing 1-3 with Thomas Hubl
  • Licensed Acupuncturist and Medical Qi Gong Instructor LAc. (Five Branches)

“The righteousness that Shems embodies is a compass for my own path of living true to my values. His loving presence, ability to listen, see, reflect and share has been a source of inspiration for me in my own journey of self-discovery and living to my potential.

– Evan Ryan 




* 8 Weekly LIVE group coaching video calls

* Online community

* 4 Bonus Lessons + Q&A Calls

* Guided exercises, videos and learning materials


ONLY $447 Per Couple



Get everything in the Core Package


* 3 private couples coaching sessions with Shems for personalized support



ONLY $847 Per Couple


We Begin This Sunday ~ Registration closes Tonight!