Creating Peace Through Presence In Any Situation

How we navigate our feelings is an essential part of creating and sustaining health and happiness in our lives. In essence, peace is an experience of feeling clear and present with what is here and now. When we have a build up of unexpressed emotions or the residue of past traumas locked in our emotional bodies, it can be very difficult to fully relax and appreciate the moment or person we are with. Becoming skillful with processing and integrating our emotions and past emotional experiences is a gateway to deeper freedom and harmony within our own selves and our relationships.

This process below is one of the most efficient and effective ways to heal any past or present emotional issues. Give it a try and see for yourself how powerful it is to be present with loving acceptance of what is.

Step 1: Find where you feel the Feeling
All feelings are in your body. Think about the
situation that is upsetting you and notice where in
your body the feeling is the strongest. Perhaps it
will be in your throat, or your chest, or your
stomach (these are the most common). But it could
be in your shoulders or your head or anywhere in your

Step 2: Give it Attention
Instead of distracting yourself from the feeling, or
trying to mentally solve the problem, just be present
to the physical sensation of the feeling in your body.
Give it your attention and allow it to unfold.
Attention is a nutrient for the hunger of our unmet needs.

Step 3: Be Unconditionally Accepting
This feeling is here. It’s a happening. It won’t be here
forever (though it might feel that way in the
moment). For now, as long as it’s here anyway,
accept it. And if possible, welcome and validate
the feeling.

Step 4: Focus on the Eye of Storm
Inside the feeling in your body, there’s an area of
greatest intensity. Put your attention on it and stay
present to it (in an unconditionally loving or
accepting way).

Step 5: Let it Breathe
As you give the feeling attention, it may shift in
some way. It might get more intense, or less
intense. It might move to different parts of your
body. Stay with it and let it run its course. It’s like an
oil candle. The fuel needs oxygen to burn, but once
it’s burned out it’s over. Your attention is the oxygen
and the feeling is the fuel. We never know how
much fuel is in there. That’s why we never know
how long the alchemy will take. Sometimes
seconds. Sometimes minutes. And on very rare
occasions, you might need several hours (or
separate focused sessions).

Step 6: Get to Peace
Stay with the feeling. Let it live and breathe and
grow. Let it move around if it needs to. Keep your
attention on the most intense part in an
unconditionally loving way. And eventually, you’ll be
at Peace. Again, this will usually happen in 5-10
minutes sometimes faster, sometimes a bit

Step 7: Sustaining Peace
After the feeling has run its course, you’ll be left
with a neutral feeling. That is peace. You might also
be filled with joy or love. That is fun when that
happens, but usually it’s just sort of a neutral feeling
of peace.
To make sure that you’ve cleared this up
completely, think about the situation, problem, or
fear that was bothering you. Notice if you feel
anything other than peace, love, or joy. If there’s
anything that isn’t peaceful yet, repeat this process
over again. Sometimes there are several layers that
need to be processed and integrated.
However, in most cases you’re now FREE of the
FEAR or angst that was keeping you from being at
your best.
THIS is the place that you want to make decisions
from. This is the place that you want to take action
from. This is where you can achieve your highest
potential. This is how you have permanent peace
around a situation that may have totally owned you
in the past.
This Process is a very powerful and valuable
way to transform your entire life into something
quite magical and to reclaim your greatest self.

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