That will open you up to new possibilities of peace and fulfillment.

1) Direct Your Thoughts To: “What Can I Appreciate And Celebrate About My Life Now?”

Even though the pressures of life are increasing and our world is in an upheaval of daunting change, there is still much to appreciate, much to enjoy, and much to celebrate. Our path forward must be lead by a positive wave of connection and collaboration, and by remembering what feels fabulous and stirs us to action. So, celebrate your family, your community, your passion, your work, whoever and whatever adds value and meaning to your life. Drink of the cup of gratitude and more will be poured!

2) Dive Deep Into What Turns You On.

Stretch into your passion and fire for life. Grow your capacity to learn, to love, to live into your magnificence. Reach for something that keeps you motivated to be on this life journey. Maybe its how you raise your children, your most challenging yoga pose or creating art that communicates your inner world. Keep choosing the newness that comes through creativity and flexibility.

For me, I am captivated by playing guitar and writing songs that are meaningful to me. My musical skills may never reach the level that I desire, yet the creative focus and and fulfillment I find in feeling the rhythm and sound move through me keeps me inspired.

3) Change Your Energy

Energy follows our thoughts and intentions. Likewise our thoughts and and emotional state is influenced by how we breathe, move our bodies and stimulate our energy system.

Anytime you feel stuck or overwhelmed, notice what you tend to do in your posture or how active your mind becomes. When most people get stuck they tend to shut down their breathing cycle or tighten up somewhere in their body. Sometimes all it takes to break free of a stressful moment is to move in a new way and breathe more deeply.

Too much time on the computer or driving in a car will impact the flow of life force through you. There are many ways to expand the flow of energy within you, all it takes is a willingness to open up more fully to aliveness in any moment. Qi Gong, Yoga and breath-work are popular ways to work with your energy. The key, in my experience, is our ability to pause at any time and plug into the earth, open up to the sky and remember that we can be filled with life in any moment and shed whatever burden we may be carrying.

4) Calm Your Mind

Our brains are highly stimulated and often overloaded. The digital universes we live in is amazing and can be our worst enemy when it comes to peace of mind. Many people I work with find themselves in a state of what feels like continuous agitation. When there is no time to truly stop and smell the roses we quickly become stressed, twitchy, and touchy.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Take time daily to calm your mind in whatever way works for you. That can mean doing yoga, meditating, running, lifting a kettle bell, or walking your dog. Do what works for you, but make sure to do something to get you aligned in your body, heart and mind. This is one of the best investments that can be made in life.

Together, these four practices are a foundation for more positive energy moving through you. When you feel good you can spread that goodness out through your smile or a hug and brighten up the places you go and people you touch. We all know it is the little things in life that add up to become the world we experience. One of my mentors Katie Hendricks has made these simple bracelets that say “Move, Breathe, Love” as a reminder for all the participants of her trainings. True words of wisdom from a living master.

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