One of the most ancient spiritual practices is being still. Being still and observing your inner sensations allows you to self-regulate.

There is an inherent intelligence that keeps our heart in rhythm and regulates most of the functions of our bodies.

When we slow down and relax into a space of stillness, we activate and allow healing and regeneration to happen.

True wellness is a balancing act of the simple principals of activity and inactivity.

In our busy world we have so much activity and most of it is mental. Even when you think you may be resting by watching a movie, you are still engaged and active.

True stillness is a practice of meditation. The idea that meditation has to be something spiritual and mystical is a misconception.

Meditation deals with the body as much as it deals with the mind.

Think about it, the body is the gateway to the mind. Our emotions and thoughts are affected by our physical sensation and vice versa.

The point of practicing stillness is to de-excite the mind and to discharge any build up of tension or stress.

And this can be hard because being still will often reveal how tense and wound up we are. The more wound up you are, the greater the resistance to being still.

Have you ever felt random itches, random urges to move or sometimes your body just twitches when you’re absolutely still?

Yeah.. That’s your body releasing and discharging what may be called dirty Qi or simply wound up tension.

We’ve hardwired our body to be active and to keep being active. To keep going and going until we drain ourselves of energy and only then will we allow our body to rest (or more like crash).

Practicing Stillness is about shifting out of the fight or flight mode and into the rest and regenerate mode so we can heal, recover and charge up.

Our physiology has the natural intelligence to heal and restore balance. We just need to facilitate the conditions for our body to work its magic.

To bring mindful attention to the physical sensations – moment to moment non-judging attention. Creating the conditions for our mind and body to relax and rest.

It is listening to your body to hear what your body needs. To acknowledge your body.

You are telling your body, I hear you, I feel you, and thank you.

Pick 3 times today to do a 3-minute stillness practice. You can sit or stand, just stop what you’re doing and be still while you scan and feel your body.

Tune in to your body and listen to it. Hear the message and experience the medicine of simply being still and present.

Remember, be non-judgmental. It’s just paying mindful attention and being aware of what you notice. This will allow your body to find peace and harmony in a simple and practical way.

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