We all need a healthy dosage of joy and play in our lives. There are WAY too many things to be concerned about like paying all the bills, staying healthy, conquering our fears or what’s gonna happen with global climate changes.

More positive feelings like joyfulness and love are needed to bolster our passion, purpose, and inspiration. I believe that Love has a much easier time hanging out with a high vibrating being than a mentally stressed whirlwind of busyness. When life gets busy and heavy it’s really good to be able to shift our state of being by consciously cultivating positive feeling states.

Here is a step-by-step fast track reset practice to liven up your energy, rewire your nervous system and generate more flow in your life.

Shaking Your Whole Body

Shaking seems simple (and is) but is actually a powerful, high-level Qigong technique. It relaxes and warms all of the muscles, organs, joints, and fasciae of the body and even the Mitochondria in your cells. Whole-body shaking is an excellent way to exercise and detoxify every cell of the body. Besides being an activating warm-up, shaking the Body can make bone marrow strong, strengthen the spine, and support the kidneys and adrenal glands. In fact, shaking the Body enhances every organ and cell in the body. Lymph flow is enhanced so that more gunk is cleared out and your immune function improved. Blood flow increases and healthy hormonal secretions are stimulated.

Bouncing up and down like this also adjusts the magnetic field, organizing and balancing it. Shaking can strengthen cells through the quick, extra force each shake places on the cells. It adds an unpredictable stimulation of extra gravitational force, creating a need for all of the cells to respond and adapt.

How To Do It:

Recommended Time: 1-2 minutes, especially when you feel low energy or heavy with stress or emotional charge.

Find a place and give yourself the space to try this:

Begin by standing still. Feel your feet connected to the earth and the top of your head open to the sky. Next, begin breathing into your belly and coming into a gentle rhythmic bouncing and shaking of your body from your feet up to your head.

Modify the Intensity

Find just the right speed and intensity of shaking for you. If you shake too hard or too fast, it might tense you up. If you don’t shake with enough movement, it won’t relax your body or generate enough charge. If anything at all hurts with the shaking, find a way to shake more gently.

Mental Focus

Imagine all of the tissues and cells of your body opening and releasing stagnant or blocked energy to be washed into the ground. Visualize this cellular cleansing while intending a downward energy flow. As you shake, old, stagnant, or toxic Qi will sink into the ground, like rainwater washing dust off a tree. Let the space between your cells expand.

Add Positive Feelings to the Shaking

Begin to think and intend each of the feeling states listed below. Use your own imagery and affirmations to activate a felt experience of each of these feelings. Take time for each one on the list and go for at least 30 seconds to a minute per feeling state.

The goal is to cultivate these feeling states in a way that you can physically experience. This will literally grow stronger neural connections that support positivity and empower your life. Do this practice daily — more than once a day if you can — and you will see that it promotes the production and flow of healthy responses in your body that are essential for a vibrant life. If you are somewhere you can’t stand and bounce, you can also do the visualizations while sitting still and breathing. Most importantly, you want to feel the experience and notice the response in your body and energy levels.

These are the five states to focus on and cultivate. Each one can elicit a significant experience. If you don not have a lot of time, you can simply choose one, though it is best to go through them all as you practice.

  1. Relaxation and calm ~ Feel your body relax and your mind slows down.
  2. Strength and Confidence ~ Visualize feeling confident and determined.
  3. Joy ~ Feel what brings you happiness and gratitude.
  4. Love ~ Think of whom you love and how it feels in your body to love them. And then feel love for yourself!
  5. Ecstatic Aliveness ~ Feel how alive all of your cells are, the pulsing of blood through your whole body and the miracle that is life!

One of the best times to practice this is when you are stressed and wound up. This is not intended to avoid your painful emotions of feelings. Rather, it is an effective way to saturate yourself with positive energy and feel-good sensations that will balance out the tendency to get overwhelmed or overly stressed. Once you can shift your experience from stress and discord to a more open and pleasurable state, you will be well on your way to an empowered and inspiring life experience.

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