“Our work with Shems has been so valuable and transformative. I found it really empowering to feel full responsibility for my experience- and responsibility in particular for being in my radiant feminine and feeding that energetic polarity. And it was so helpful to realize how much my energy and attention go out to my partner, how often I abandon myself. Shems has taught me many ways to stay with myself, receive the incredible wisdom of my body, and allow myself to have my experience. He can cut through cross talk to the heart of the matter, help us to create space and movement where there is contraction and freeze, curiosity where there is defensiveness, and understanding where there is distrust. His skill in counseling comes not only from decades of extensive training and practice, but from walking his own journey in the sincerest and humblest of ways, with an absolute commitment to truth and growth, and an ocean of kindness.”

~ Chloe Conger


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