A 9-Week Online Powerhouse Program

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About The Men’s Passage

The Men’s Passage is an 9-week online program led by Shems Heartwell,

geared to empowering men to cultivate their Vitality, Leadership, and Relationship skills.

During The Men’s Passage course, you will learn how to navigate the challenges in your life with true transformational power. 

You will gain the insight and tools to break cycles of negativity, utilize anger, and create healthy relationships that truly thrive.

This is an interactive, live, and personal experience. 

It is comprised of the most effective empowerment and transformational wisdom available so that you can generate more of what you deeply desire in your life and relationship.


Step Forward into a New Frontier of Empowered Manhood!

•    Are you feeling tired and lacking vitality, worn down by the daily grind?
•    Do you hold back or resist taking action on what you know you need to do?
•    Are self-doubt and anxiety blocking your confidence and success?
•    Is your relationship frustrating and draining you rather than feeding your passion and drive?

Join Us For An Empowering Experience

That Will Inspire, Uplift, and Catalyze Your Life and Relationships!


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In this 9-Week Journey You Will:




The Men’s Passage is an experiential journey that will carve a new path in the wilderness of your being.


This Course is for men who are ready to:


  • Actively cultivate their vitality and relational skills
  • Commit to personal growth and transformation
  • Befriend their shadow, fierceness, and light
  • Overcome their addictions and self-sabotaging behaviors
  • Develop deeper intimacy and stronger relationships



That Will Empower You From the Inside Out:


In this module, you will go deep into yourself and fortify your foundation on all levels; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  Without a strong and centered Foundation, we look for outside validation and easily lose our center. This is an opportunity to root deeper into yourself while stretching beyond your comfort zone to rewire any habits or behaviors that keep your sexual life, relationship, creativity, or career from truly thriving.

  • You will establish a strong connection to your core power
  • You will discover and grow an authentic confidence that comes from deep within you
  • You will harness the transformational force of responsibility


This module is all about gaining clear insight and developing laser focused goals for your personal, professional, and relational growth. Your intention is the fuel that propels you forward — it’s your inner fire and your inspiration to stay disciplined in the practices that will change your life. Your thoughts and beliefs have a major impact on what you experience and you will learn to recognize where they are limiting you and break through those boundaries to:

  • Uncover and dissolve what’s in the way of owning your gifts
  • Release old paradigms of lack and create from responsible wholeness
  • Experience yourself in a radically new expansive way


The healthy masculine is emotionally mature, penetrating, compassionate, and purpose-driven. This module is about strengthening your masculine force and connection to your core. This will increase your capacity to show up with a grounded heart that’s wide open. You will learn how to embody powerful masculine archetypes that create more confidence and meaningful connection in all your relations.

  • Engage more fully with the world around you
  • Harness the power of anger, knowing it as a catalyzing force
  • Embody the Modern Warrior


An intimate relationship with a beloved is the ultimate test of how spiritually mature or developed you are. In this module, you will learn the most valuable tools I know of  —  the ones that magnify love and burn through relational drama or repetitive patterns.

  • Learn how you can create a thriving relationship that lasts
  • Become highly skilled at dissolving conflict and keeping your sexual fire hot
  • Create love from wholness and not lack


This module is about increasing the bandwidth of your being on many levels. To break out of familiar habits and addictions you need to become aware of how to engage yourself in ways that are more deeply stimulating, vitalizing, and pleasurable. We are going to turn on your nervous system in fun and exhilarating ways that stimulate hormones, enliven cells, and will have you firing on all cylinders!

  • Learn to utilize the full resources of your body/mind/spirit
  • Relax at a deeper level and feel your strength
  • Optimize your breath and movement to free up your force


FLOW is one of the hottest subjects around right now and for many good reasons. Without access to what is called FLOW, the hustle of life will deplete and wear you out. FLOW is an optimal state of functioning efficiently, and you don’t need to be a super athlete to access it. You can access your higher faculties and find FLOW in your work, your relationship, and through vitality enhancing practices. You will learn effective access points to achieve a high-functioning state that you can bring to all you do.

  • Discover the superpowers of your senses
  • Rewild yourself in pleasurable and powerful ways
  • Utilize creativity and play to free your mind


More than any superfood supplement, working with your sexual energy will enhance your life. As men, we are evolving our sexual capacity to include the full spectrum of sexuality in a conscious and responsible way.

  • Learn how to harness your sexual energy for more pleasure, vitality, and sexual sustainability
  • Increase your capacity to love by mastering your sexual force
  • Become more magnetic and desirable to women
  • Awaken your genitals at a whole new level to sustain maximum pleasure


This module is about developing what it takes to continually apply what you learn in this program so you can live with embodied purpose and make your highest ambitions a reality. You will take the reigns to steer the wild horses within you.

  • Learn to integrate the tools into your daily life
  • Become a leader on matters you care deeply about
  • Know what it means to be an ally and true friend
  • Build a fire that is stronger than any limiting patterns that may re-emerge in your life.


Shems has been honing and sharing his craft for over 20 years and has mentored with some of the most influential teachers in the fields of coaching, healing, relationship, and transformation. He blends his experience and knowledge into highly effective work that is the leading edge of the human potential movement. Shems is also a passionate athlete and musician, living with his beloved wife Achintya on the beautiful island of Maui.  

  • 20 years of Qi Gong study with various teachers, including Grand Master Zhou
  • Licensed Acupuncturist and Medical Qi Gong Instructor LAc. 
  • Studied Radical wholeness with Philip Shepherd author of New Self New World

Assisting Shems Throughout The Course Are:


is a fusion of architect, product designer, entrepreneur, dancer, and teacher. He has lead men’s circles in Taipei, Taiwan and is now in California, passionately living a fully embodied life ecstatically open to all of his emotions, sensations, and experiences while guiding others to do the same.

Leiven is a certified yoga instructor, has practiced meditation for over 15 years learning and incorporating techniques from many different traditions, and has a background in martial arts, qigong, authentic movement, and pilates.


Jeremy is a E-RYT 500 yoga teacher, breath work facilitator, and men’s coach with over 13 years of experience in embodied arts.  He’s been recognized for his grounded and accessible teachings as an Ambassador for companies like Lululemon, Fitbit, and Yoga Journal.

Since graduating from The Men’s Passage in 2017, he’s been devoted to facing his own edges and evolving through men’s work, co-facilitating transformational Men’s Retreats alongside his mentor Shems Heartwell.  Jeremy currently leads Men’s circles in San Francisco, CA, as well as international yoga retreats and Embodied Leadership programs online.  You can learn more at or by connecting with @jeremyfalkyoga.

Plus Six Bonus Sessions With These Amazing Men!!!

Mind, Body & Spiritual Evolution With ~


Is On A Mission to… empower, inspire and ignite a mutli-generational movement of radical growth through conscious, creative content, acts of love and living boldly. Preston is a Personal Freedom Coach, who supports people in understanding & embracing their fears, so they can live the life of their dreams.

Preston founded MANCAVE and is working with men from all over the world through this empowering platform. He will be delivering his potent presence and wisdom in a very inspiring way!

Embodied Shadow Work With ~


is a seeker, inner explorer, teacher, improv performer, story teller, Elder, spiritual guide, shadow work guide, Psychotherapist, Coach. Organizational Restructuring Consultant, and servant of Truth and Love. He received his Masters of Science degree from Villanova University in 1987. Since then he has studied with numerous mentors and teachers in a variety of areas of human evolution.

For over three decades, he has provided safe containers for individuals, couples and groups to explore their shadows as well as their brilliance. He has traveled the world with his offerings as a Certified Leader and Certified Leader Trainer with the Mankind Project; Certified Sacred Relating and Sexuality Educator; Gender Healing Facilitator; architect of Deep Process Facilitation and Beginning through Advanced Leadership and Coaching.

Catalyzing Your Relationship With ~


Is best known as a powerful catalyst for deep transformation and embodied awakening. He is the authored The Art Of Mindful Living and has been teaching groups, couples, and individuals for 18 years.  Tobin has been wholeheartedly dedicated to spiritual awakening and to serving others in the flowering of their highest potential. His extensive training includes 6 years in a Zen Center, 12 years in the Ridhwan School, a three-year apprenticeship with one of the foremost transpersonal psychotherapists in America, five years with Adyashanti, and a teacher-training program with Tantra teacher Shakti Malan. 

ShadowWork, Music & Ceremony ~


Rancher, Construction worker, executive, photographer, musician, artist, fly fishing guide, ceremonialist and seeker, Vince Chafin has packed several lifetimes in to his 54 years on this planet. Currently on a path to inspire and honor the empowered male, Vince travels the world as a facilitator and trainer for the ManKind Project. He is also facilitator for ShadowWork and incorporates the tools of family constellation, gestalt and indigenous healing modalities. 

Embodied Leadership With ~


Is a transformation and leadership coach who is passionate about taking individuals and teams into realms they never thought were possible. Through conscious leadership coaching, nature-inspired wellness retreats, and teambuilding workshops he supports clients to create lifestyles of optimal wellbeing. He is certified as a Big Leap Conscious Communications coach through the Hendricks Institute and a Wellness coach through the HeartMath Institute. In 2013 he experienced a career burn-out as a leader in the green building industry and began transforming his own life. As a co-leader of the Men’s Passage, he enjoys sharing his experience on how to confront his anger and self-criticism, prioritize self-care, be more present to his emotions, and feel comfortable in his own skin. Learn more about his work training leaders here 

Mindfullnes & Cultivating A Sacred Inner Fire 


is a meditation instructor, dharma teacher, somatic educator, group facilitator, and Hakomi therapist and trainer working in California. He finds that going straight to the heart of matters through the body is the most direct and compassionate route to healing.

Timothy holds a B.S. in physical therapy and an M.A. in clinical and somatic psychology, and in his years as a physical therapist, bodyworker, and somatic psychologist, he’s experienced first-hand the connections between body, mind, and emotions. Timothy is the founder of the Fire Tenders Men’s Movement and the president of Inspiratia, a 501(c)(3) organization promoting the health of individuals, communities, and the environment.


  • 9 Weekly ~ 90-min live video sessions on Thursday’s at 6pm Pacific time.

  • Bonus video sessions with highly skilled men sharing their gifts.

  • Weekly video practices, guided audio meditations, and specific exercises designed to rewire your nervous system to practically apply ALL that you learn through the Course.

  • Engaging and interactive Facebook group during the course and after to keep the connections and group energy alive after the Passage is complete

  • Small group Check-in sessions and Accountability calls in between the Modules.




Knowing and Choosing what you want is the first step in harnessing your authentic power. Take a moment to pause and ask yourself these questions:
Will The Men’s Passage have a positive and empowering impact on my life?
Do I want the experience and benefits that this program will help me achieve?
If you answered YES to these questions, then:
What stops you from powerfully choosing and taking action toward what you most want in your life and relationships?
If you knew that you would experience a significant improvement in your vitality and relationship, would you hesitate to commit?

Join Us For An Empowering Experience

That Will Inspire, Uplift, and Catalyze Your Life and Relationships!


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Q: When are the live coaching calls scheduled?

A: Thursdays at 6 pm Pacific.

Q: I have a busy schedule… what if I am not able to keep up with the daily activities?

A: You will receive recordings of each of the group sessions as well as written and video practices to explore at your own time and pace and have access to the Facebook Group.

Q: How long do I have access to the course content?

A: For 1 full year.

Q: What if I need to miss one of the live coaching calls?

A: Recordings will be available to watch on the member site within 12 hours of the session.

Q: What is the format for the session?

A: We use Zoom for the Live video calls, allowing each participant to be on video. Zoom works with Computers, Tablets and most Smart Phones.

“I have done a lot of work with many teachers and working with Shems is truly exceptional.” 

– David Bruce Leanard, LAc

“I HIGHLY recommend this to any man ready to take his life to the next level of embodiment, potency, integrity, love, and true success. Shems IS the real deal!”

– Tobin Zivon



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