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There Is A Power And Potency That Life Is Inviting You To Reclaim…

Your Pain, Where You Struggle, And What You Long For…

Is Where I Can Guide Into A New Territory Of Depth,

Empowerment, And Alignment That Generates A Thriving Life & Fulfilling Relationship.


Relationships are the most powerful feedback system in our lives. Learn how to skillfully use the challenging moments as gateways to a stronger and more satisfying relationship.



Take a vacation that is dedicated to empowering your life and relationship. Whether it is a personal retreat or couples intensive, your time with Shems on Maui will be transformational.



Receive expert guidance and tools that will support you in creating an amazing life and thriving relationship. Become the mindful leader and lover that you long to be.


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Empowered Loving: A Guide To Learning and Growing Through Relationships

I can think of few people I know who embody what they teach as authentically as Shems Heartwell and you are lucky to have him as your guide on your journey towards a more empowered way of living and loving.  His wisdom and knowledge are timeless and his words resonate with truth and the first-hand experience of what he teaches. You are in good hands.

– Justin Faerman, Artist, Healer, Coach, Conscious Entrepreneur


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We each carry a great deal of power within us that must be harnessed and channeled in a creative direction. When we are not deliberate with our intentions and actions that power can become what blocks and limits our greatness.

Sometimes all we need is a little direction, positive support, and impactful coaching to open to the emerging possibilities that want to happen in our life and relationships.

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